Romantic vibes at El Kabron in Bali

El Kabron Bali Sunset

El Kabron Bali Sunset

Watching the sunset with your lover is without a doubt one of the most romantic outings ever. Watching the sunset at El Kabron in Bali, however, is a whole other level. The Spanish Cliff Club in the south of Bali – between the two villages of Bingin and Padang Padang in Pecatu – has gone through some renovations since I last visited in April 2014, yet all for the best. Yes, there’s an entrance fee now, but the voucher that comes along with it – to be exchanged for food and drinks – make it worthwhile.

The beats of the music, the heat of the sun and the stunning view of the ocean surely got me and my luv in the right mood from the start. Each Spanish dish was delish – big portions, so don’t order everything at once – and I particularly loved the vegetable dip with roasted capsicum, eggplant and onions. As a martini lover I was happy to see that my favorite drink was on the menu (which is not always the case here in Bali), but I’ve been told that the sangria is not always of the best quality (hearsay, I know, so don’t just take my word on it). The service was sublime. As good as one can expect from a high-end bar / restaurant.

And then I got the check. My heart skipped a small beat. I was happy I brought my credit card just in case. Nevertheless, it was worth every penny. In my opinion, this is a must-visit while you’re in Bali, whether you’d go around dinner time or hang at the pool during the day, just promise me to watch the sunset as it is breathtakingly beautiful up there.

PS: El Kabron is opening up in Ibiza as well. Yay!!!

Santai! Good times in Java…

The closer we came to September 13th the more restless I got. For months we’d (luvie and me) been dreading the day we had to say goodbye for an inhumane five weeks. The horror ;-)! Anyway, I wanted the moment to be over. Let’s just get going, alright, and get the drama over with. Yes, tears were inevitable. That day and many days that followed. Mom patiently dried them, while giving me her motherly hugs. However, the joy of traveling and lots of sunshine would soon soothe my inner melodramatic queen of missing-my-boyfriend.

So here we are. Nearly two weeks have passed and we’ve just finished our trip across Java. It’s been an adventure to say the least. With an overbooked flight, a new flight, restitution for any inconveniences (yay!), lost luggage that would finally find us five days later, major headaches for days on my behalf and fever on my mom’s behalf, uncomfortable night trains, we’ve started our journey slightly different than expected. No permanent damage done, though… After all, all you can do is relax, take it easy. Stress won’t help.

Jungle fever

Jungle fever


Basically we’ve visited three major areas on Java: Jakarta, Pangandaran and the Yogyakarta area. For as far as Jakarta is concerned: the national museum and the national monument were quite interesting and we loved shopping at the mall, since we didn’t have any clothes those first few days, but other than that it was nothing but a smelly, big city with too much traffic.


Pangandaran: The Green Valley and the Green Canyon

Pangandaran, however, was all we could wish for (apart from the pushy Indonesian lady who seemed to have the hots for me. Lol.). The lovely Mango guesthouse made us feel incredibly welcome and we met some awesome people during our stay that joined us for the most yummie fish barbecues at Mango’s. Not having my clothes and swim suits surely bothered us, but it didn’t stop us from visiting the Green Valley and Green Canyon on our motorbike, accompanied by the best tour guide we could wish for, Toto.

With just the two of us and a lovely Canadian lady to account for Toto basically gave us a private tour that would allow us to explore the lovely setting of the Green Valley to the max. The crystal clear water invited us in with each splash of the waterfall and even though the bottom of the river was pretty unpredictable in terms of depth, there were plenty of options to jump off the rocks and get that adrenaline rush while flying through the air.


The Green Valley in all its glory

I suddenly remembered that day when I was eleven years old, standing on top of the diving board looking down at seven meters of nothing between me and the swimming pool. Scared as hell I decided to jump. I jumped, alright, and I got down easily, but as the right side of my body touched the water I felt like sharp knives were entering my leg and waist. I tried not to think too much of that moment after I climbed up the lianas, stepped onto the rock and looked down seven meters into a mall triangle that represented the part of the water deep enough to jump in.

‘Focus on the direction you want to go, don’t focus on where you don’t want to go,’ I remembered my instructor tell me during a skid course. So I focused on the relatively small triangle and jumped. No turning back now. Before I knew it I felt my feet touch the water as I entered the dark hole effortlessly and emerged to the surface again. Climbing the rope ladder to get to the eleven-meter jump was a lot more intense than the actual jump from the tree. So this is why I work out?! I thought to myself. (Got no proof, sorry!).

A long awaited dream…

And mom? She and her vertigo did the five-meter jump effortlessly and she crawled, swam and climbed as well as anyone else. The sun and the wind dried our clothes as we proceeded to the Green Canyon on our motorbikes again. The day turned out to be one of the highlights of Java so far. After receiving our luggage we soon decided to get going again to see my mom’s long awaited Borobudur, near Yogyakarta. The biggest Buddhist temple in the World has been showing its grandeur to many tourists for years and it’s been on my mom’s bucket list since she was eighteen. Impressive for those who haven’t seen many temples so far, but after being to Angkor Wat and having visited countless temples I – quoting Roadhouse – ‘expected him to be bigger’. Nonetheless, a beautiful piece of architecture with stunning details.

Mom at the Borobudur

Old Indonesian man smoking on the hill near Borobudur

Old Indonesian man smoking on the hill near Borobudur

Yogyakarta was our last stop. The city has been good to us: a small, artistic city where education and creativity prevails. Mostly we enjoyed the artwork at our guesthouse Setia Kawan and local batik markets, the organic cuisine at Hani’s and Via Via, and lots of pampering (read: mani-pedi, two hour massages and a hair wash that turned into an upper body massage slash hairstyling). No more long train rides or hours in the car for us. We decided to skip Malang and fly to Bali directly. The plan? Ubud first, then we’ll see. Three weeks left of traveling together. And even though I’m counting the days to run into my luvie’s arms again as he’s joining me the last month of my travels, I’m majorly enjoying this time with mom as well.

The lovely sunset shining through the trees near the Borobudur

The lovely sunset shining through the trees near the Borobudur

Ps: My lovely readers, Remember that word, Santai (= relax, take it easy in Bahasa) every time you’re annoyed in traffic or trying to hurry. Stress is no good. 😉

Santai - relax, take it easy.  Sunshine - I carry it with me at all times now!

Santai – relax, take it easy. Sunshine – I carry it with me at all times now!

In case you’re wondeirng: My photos were taken with my one and only fashion camera, the Olympus Pen Lite 7 *love*

Running my Mount Everest


150723 running shoesWorkouts. Luvvvv them. Okay, let me rephrase: I’ve grown to love them. I’ve been training for over ten years and have seen my body change from curvy (not chubby, oh no, I seriously wasn’t and don’t even think it!) and untrained in my early twenties, lean and perhaps even a little skinny in my mid-twenties, back to curvyintherightplaces, firm and athletic in my early thirties – now. If I may say so myself: I’m quite fit, but there’s always been one thing I could nevah evah imagine myself to do: running. It’s my Mount Everest. Despite all those years of working out three, four, sometimes even five times a week doing weight lifting, cardio in the gym, kickboxing, yoga and TRX – mainly for recreational purposes covered with a layer of wanting to outperform myself – running was never on my list of goals-I-can-achieve.

In the meantime all my friends started running crazy distances in crazy weather circumstances. My bestie, for example, and her insane running-around-the-block in Dubai Marina in those nasty high temperatures. Another friend doing 8 ginormous kilometers while it was freezing outside. What the heck was wrong with those people?! Even when I was traveling and tried to stay fit by running I never felt that urge, that runner’s high.

I know, I made up excuses. From “Nahhhh, you know… my knees hurt quickly” to “the weather sucks” or “I just don’t have it in me” and more bullshite excuses like these. Until one day, months ago, my love (sports junkie with matching body *hearty eyes*) announced that he was going for a run, and got me jaw dropping in awe when he told me his route. Running allllllll the way to the end of the Zaanse Schans (read: Mount Everest)?!!! O my word… how?!

Until I just did it one day. Yup, I ran. Well, for one minute that is. Then I had to take a pause because otherwise I’d injure my body (so they said). So I walked for two and then ran again. However, having nobody to check up on me and being a stubborn wise-ass with something to prove, I only did this on the first half to the exact same point as what seemed the Mount Everest, and then I ran all the way back home on the second half of my session. Needless to say I couldn’t walk without feeling my hip joint the day after, but that’s beside the point ;-). The point is: what seemed the Mount Everest at first, turned out to be a very very very doable thing.

It got me thinking. What if running could help me get over that fear of failing, which only happens because I set the bar too high? What if this running challenge is a way of the universe telling me that I’m a lot more capable of things than I imagine? I figured that running is my way of discovering that small steps are good enough. The feeling of accomplishment by trying something new is worth going for it. There’s no such think as failing.

I bought running shoes (really flashy ones) and started practicing. Some days are better than others. And I’m not on the road enough to really improve myself, but nevertheless I was able to run 5 kilometers in one piece in just a few sessions. My goal was to be able to run 10 kilometers, and last Sunday I did, followed by an eight kilometer session just two days after (recovering quickly!). I’m loving my Mount Everest now. After all, it’s just a tiny hill.

Labee-a-porter Fashion Show…fab & fun

Sometimes you run into people at the weirdest places. And so I was quite surprised to see one of my former students (Hogeschool Utrecht) at a fashion show in June. Pleasantly surprised, I might say! So why not let the teacher in me offer my former student the opportunity to show herself on my blog? Here’s her story on Labee-à-Porter’s very first fashion show :)


tudo en ik


“To surprise women…that’s what I love to do with my brand.” And she clearly does. Charlotte Labee launched her all-year-round collection with a beautiful show and an exclusive afterparty at the Oude Maassilo in Rotterdam. And it was fabulous.

I was more than excited to have been invited to the event since fashion is one of my many weaknesses. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but after a little bit of research, it completely won me over. Gorgeous dresses, beautiful colors, light fabric, and an overall sexy and feminine collection…When I found out that there was a fashion app, Vidimoda, that would allow me to immediately save items as favorites in a collection on my own phone, I really couldn’t wait for the day to come. My cup of tea precisely.

Wanting to spend the day in Rotterdam before the show, since I haven’t been there before, I woke up early, had a banana-strawberry smoothie (my favorite), and hit the gym. No better way to prepare for a fashion show, and I was still hoping that one more hour of intense cardio would make me look slimmer in my long, tight black dress that I was dying to wear. As a side note, I bought it one year ago and have never had the chance to wear it (we all know how summer is not actually ‘lekker warm’ in the lovely Netherlands). Back home, long shower, nails polished, hair done, tight dress and high heels on, I was ready to go. At least I thought so…Only to go downstairs and discover that my boyfriend was still in his boxers, trying to figure out what to wear. After going through half of his needs-a-lot-of-improvement-wardrobe, we found something appropriate for the event, and off we went.

Getting closer to the venue, I started noticing fun groups of friends, stylish couples, also individuals, all wearing sophisticated clothes, elegant bags, classy shoes, and an overall killer attitude. Basically this was the first time for me when the famous Dutch saying “doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg” did not apply, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Stepping out of the car on the (perfectly) white carpet, posing and smiling for the camera already made me feel incredibly comfortable and sexy, which was exactly the goal of Labee-a-porter collection. Stepping inside, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and smiley faces. The venue was really special. An old factory, transformed into a great venue for events. After drinking my champagne and taking some pictures we headed to the elevators that would take us to the fashion show. There, surprise surprise, one half naked guy with Ryan Reynolds-like abs greeted us and wished us a nice evening. But the surprise was far from being over. Two lovely ladies rushed in and the first thing that one of them does is stare into my eyes and shout: I KNOW YOU! I don’t know where from, but I KNOW YOU! For one second I thought that maybe my cover shot from a year ago for a local magazine made me famous in the whole country and I had no idea about it. And then I realized: Oh my God she was my teacher! Yes, peeps, I met my university lecturer at a fashion show. How cool is that? Giggling and talking, we were both so excited to meet each other in such circumstances and catch up.


When we got upstairs, we found our seats and couldn’t wait for the show to start. To my delight, all the models were not only gorgeous, but also smiling, which is quite rare for a fashion show. What I think was amazing were the perfectly synchronized steps of the models with the rhythm of the music. I almost felt like standing up and dancing. The clothes were a collection of vibrant colors, beautiful dresses, salopettes, elegant pants and jackets, and fabulous shoes and bags. What made it even better, was the amazing fashion app, VIDIMODA, which allowed me and the other spectators to swipe through the outfits, like them, and save them in a collection of my own. It was about time that this was possible…saving items and even shop them on the spot means pure joy for a fashion lover like me. This made the show even more dynamic and engaging. It all ended with a splash of confetti and a big round of applause for the gorgeous Charlotte Labee.

I couldn’t wait to go to the afterparty and hear and share opinions about the show. There were two bars (which always a good idea), a DJ, and even an ice cream boutique. I was happy to see that Michelle (or my teacher, as referred to her before) was already queuing at the Martini bar. We shared impressions about the show, had some cocktails, then I went to pick up my boyfriend who was in what seemed to be a fascinating conversation with a model, and decided it was time to head out, given that it was a Tuesday…The hostess wished us good night and offered 2 goodie bags made for fashion lovers, we met Charlotte on the white carpet who was posing for half an hour a already with the invitees, took two fabulous pictures with her and thanked her for the amazing evening.

As we were heading to the car, I looked back and thought: “Now that’s a way of spending a Tuesday evening!”.

Tudoritza Sahanovschi

Being brilliant means being…

150513 collage papa en mij

I’m a lot like my father. More than I realize sometimes. For years I told my dad’s story on how he bailed on becoming a pretty okay opera singer after a nasty infection in his throat, simply because he wouldn’t be able to get to el Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Pretty okay wasn’t good enough for him. It was all or nothing. Being classically trained as a brilliant piano player still didn’t cut it for him.

So he switched to wine. Not as an alcoholic, thank goodness. The man was never drunk in all 53 years of his short life. No, he studied the true art of vinology, which basically meant that I was merely six or seven when my father first tried to get me acquainted with the taste of his heavenly liquid that didn’t taste so heavenly on my taste buds. It still doesn’t, despite everybody’s efforts to help me ‘get used to it’. (So for those who are still planning to convert me: please, my dad tried for years and – despite being a master in wine – he failed, so save your energy and drink my part of the bottle and then some).

Anyway, with the rise of supermarkets came the downfall of many liquor stores, including my dad’s. He shortly turned to dental sciences, to finally end up studying law and starting a pretty impressive career at court. Yet, when he applied for a new career path to become a judge, his too colorful personality kind of stood in the way. Being a man of grand charisma and theatrical traits, he always managed to be noticed effortlessly. A judge shouldn’t be that outspoken, ‘they’ ruled.

It was like they cut his feet from under him. Every time he felt like he was on a rise, something or someone would restrain him from climbing up that mountain any further. Another dream shattered. So he sunk into a depression. Not wanting to end up victimized by what one can only label as ‘life’ he found his answers in spirituality. A mix of Buddhism and multiple forms of Christianity finally gave him peace and wisdom of mind, which inspired him to tell me to always just keep going; it would all be okay.

So where am I going with this? Well, just recently my love and I were discussing how we deal with games such as poker, pool, or any kind of sports that imply competition, concluding that both of us have this unstoppable need to be the best and win. My hubbie’s strategy? Bluff your way in. My strategy is the exact opposite. I stay humble. No. Not humble. Let me rephrase. I simply make excuses beforehand on how much I suck, so I can’t go down in front of others (Cuz OH MY, the disaaaaasters that would happen if I turn out to be worse than I anticipated!! THE HORROR!!!).

It’s why I won’t start learning how to play guitar, chess, poker or tennis, how to surf, or take singing classes and why I always tell people that I could never ever write a book. It’s simply because I want to be brilliant. And basically I don’t believe I’m the next Hemingway, so it’s better to lay low, and end up not sucking as bad as I predicted. I. Don’t. Truly. Believe. I. Can.

O my lord, the bullshit in my head. My beliefs are so far from what I want to believe, that I am experiencing a true form of cognitive dissonance. It’s like an electrical breakdown in my brain. I am putting that bar so high up in asking myself to be the best at everything immediately, that I’m depriving myself of naturally becoming the best version of me. It’s blocking me. It stopping me from becoming better at my job as a writer, becoming a better supplier to my customers, becoming more independent and reaching my goals. I have to stop stopping myself.

So I’m sharing this small epiphany: I don’t have to be the new Hemingway. There already was a Hemingway. I can just be my father’s (and mother’s) daughter. Me.

Love, ME-chelle 😉

Five excellent coffee bars with free WiFi to work in Berlin

Berlin. The city of bohemians. Punks. Hippies. Fashionistas. Creative souls. Hiptsters. Those who wish to be different, but secretly blend in. It is the perfect European city to get inspired by and connect with other creative people. Writers, musical talents, designers, internet gurus, interior designers, you name it, Berlin’s got it.

141027 berlin

The traveling freelancer (or student for that matter) is more than welcome in several cafés to have a date with his or her laptop. Candle light, a cup of coffee, and free WiFi. What could be more romantic?! Here’s 5 coffee bars in Berlin that will willingly provide everything you need to get your work done.

1: St. Oberholz: number one hotspot to connect with other workers

There’s a reason to choose Oberholz as the number one hotspot to work in Berlin. Apart from the fact that this highly popular two-storied coffee bar is located at the hip & happening Rosenthaler Platz, with plenty of fashion shops, cool bars and – good to know for those who need to print – a copy shop around the corner, this is the most visited coffee bar for freelancers in Berlin. Prepare yourself: it’s gonna be crowded. But you’ll be able to connect with plenty of other freelancers, while enjoying freshly baked pastries and pie and delicious coffee.

141027 oberholz

2: Mokkabar: a warm place to work on a rainy day

Kreuzberg, definitely one of the trendy areas in Berlin. Once you get down to Gneisenaustrasse 93 you will find a pretty dark colored coffee place called Mokkabar. The mocca colored interiour and the retro lighting are perfect for a cold, rainy day in the fall, when you simply want to find a cosy place to work and stay warm. WiFi is excellent and free, the food is pretty standard but good enough and the coffee will keep you awake and focused. I loved the place; it was quiet and I was able to concentrate properly. Definitely a must-go!

3: Bonanza Coffee Roasters: Excellent coffee with an honest taste

The brand new Bonanza Coffee Roasters is a small coffee bar that offers high quality coffee – to go, or to stay. At the time I walked into the shop I could still smell the new interior, and the quietness in the back of the café suggested they just opened. The industrial yet bright and minimalistic decor is perfect for those who like to work without being distracted too much and WiFi… that is obviously free. But what mostly sets Bonanza Coffee Roasters on this list is their ideals with respect to good quality coffee and its origin. They value honesty in the entire supply chain and solely buy their products from ethical suppliers that use fair prices.

141027 Bonanza Coffee roasters

4: Morena: 40 years and still here!

Over forty years ago Morena was opened in the popular neighborhood of Kreuzberg. Until this day it is the tiled decoration that gives the café its distinctive feel. WiFi is excellent, and their flavored latte to die for. The staff was more than friendly making my few hours of work highly comfortable. Morena was one of the first cafés to offer free WiFi, which is why I was curious enough to pay a visit. I say: it’s worth it for a simple day of working. Not overly special, but good enough.

141027 morena

5: Mangelwirtschaft: do your laundry while you work

Prenzlauerberg, another popular neighborhood in Berlin. Plenty of bars around to grab a beer. But if you’re set on working a day and you have some laundry to do? Get down to Mangelwirtshaft. The typical old-fashioned interior has a retro feel to it, something you’ll find in Berlin quite often. Get your free WiFi code at the bar (valid for one hour, so get a new one later) and make sure to order a drink, as they only provide Internet for customers. There’s plenty of places to sit down and work in the first part of the shop. Once you get through the glass doors, you’ll enter the laundry part where you can easily wash your clothes as you work. Definitely a funny combination, but let’s be honest: it makes sense to use the time to your advantage, right?

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My new travel companion: making memories in a snapshot

Practicalolympus penlite7

The door bell rang. Without really expecting any presents or orders, I was handed a parcel and asked to sign for delivery. Still unoblivious to what I held in my hands I suspiciously asked what I was signing for.

“Olympus,” the delivery guy simply replied.

And then I realized. My new travel companion. It’s here. The Olympus Pen Lite 7, not just an easy-to-use camera for photography nitwits like myself, but quite a fashionable one as well, with – oh yes – a display that can be turned around to make the best selfies and WiFi options to send new pics to your smartphone. You upload them on your blog / social media on the spot.

So here it is. Completely unknown to me yet. This precious, beautiful camera. In my hands. Ready to join me on my trips and capture the most exquisite moments in a photograph. It’s here to make memories in the blink of an eye, my Olympus Pen Lite 7. It’s gorgeous with its white, leather coat on, and its matching shoulder strap that make it look like an accessory to accompany my outfit. We’re still strangers for now, but we’ll get to know each other soon. Time for our first date :D.

This book is so well-written, it moved me to tears: Shantaram


One year ago, it must’ve been March 20th 2014, I was traveling through Cambodia when I ended up on Rabbit Island right in frond of the coast at the little French town called Kep. For a day or two I completely cut myself off from the world. No Internet, no phone, just nature and sunshine. Oh, and a book.

I picked up a copy of Shantaram at the desk of my guesthouse, allowing myself to spend the last few hours at Rabbit Island reading in a hammock. I almost missed the boat back to Kep as the story immediately grabbed hold of me, and in trying to collect all my stuff, I forgot to take the book with me (cuz, yeah.., it’s okay to take a book and leave it elsewhere).

I couldn’t wait for the story to continue, so I downloaded the ebook as soon as I got to my next destination in Kep. Over the next following months, as I was physically traveling to Bali, Malaysia, South Africa and back home, the writer Gregory David Roberts took me on a journey through India and its capital Mumbai.

The life in the slums, the Mumbai – Bombay – mafia, the writer’s love for a German woman, his friend Prabaker and his badass teacher Khaderbai; I realized quickly that this true story was one to remember. It took me many more months to finish this novel, to be honest. As time passed by – as I got back from my trip and life continued as usual – I gradually noticed how the story of Gregory David Roberts became a part of my routine. I’d read a few pages in the train, in my garden, or anywhere else, all the while finding myself wander off to a world I’d never know.

And now, almost a year later, I have finished all 954 pages. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book as mesmerizing, versatile, poetic, inspiring, compelling, vivacious and fascinating as Shantaram. Tears were running down my face while reading the book, and now at the end once more. Not just because of the story, but because of the beauty of the words. The writing, those poetic compilations of words and sentences make my heart skip a beat. Gregory David Roberts is a magician with words, one that I – as a writer – admire to the core.

So, to show my appreciation, and to let y’all know you HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK, I decided to write this short blog, hoping it will inspire you to choose the next piece of literature.

Just get back on your feet and keep walking

Vietnam, Blogchell, travel blog, travelblog,

Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island, January 2014

2015 began a few months ago. I had just launched a new website. My blog. My own personal travel stories and articles on the places I’ve been to. Blogchell. I was driven. Ambitious. I felt on top of the world! After all, I had seen the most amazing countries, met lovely and kind people and I had a way to inspire other freelancers on how to live more location-independently.

And then my website crashed, whereas the hosting provider didn’t have a recent back-up. Everything I wrote was gone. Yes yes, stupid not to get my own back-ups and even more stupid not to write my pieces in Word. Me? I just got a little tired. Discouraged. Couldn’t find that urge to start writing again.

I started analyzing, contemplating, digging into myself. Why on earth couldn’t I get myself to just write that first article again and start over?! What was stopping me to do it better this time? And despite the fact that I realized that I may have some insecurities and self-worth issues (who am I to inspire others with my travel stories), and that those were just untruths of my own thoughts, I still couldn’t get myself to simply start typing.

Until I realized that there’s only one thing that could motivate me to just do it: desire. The desire to be creative and to share stories. As a professional copywriter I do this on a daily basis. However, I tell stories that are not my own. The step to start sharing my own stories is a lot more personal and fragile, but an important step for me.

So here I am. Typing. Sharing my own inner fear about this second chance. It’s a little out of my comfort zone. And therefore I have simplified my idea of my blog, Blogchell. Yes, I’d be more than happy to focus on articles related to location-independent working. But in order for me to stay true to myself, to stay connected to that inner desire, I will consider this blog my own little personal space in which I share parts of my life with the world. My travels, cool events I go to, hotspots in my hometown Amsterdam, and my own journey of spiritual growth. Basically anything that comes to mind.

For those who visited my blog before…I will do my best to rewrite some of the articles soon, as I realize that some of you were really interested in their content. But most of all, I’d like to thank you all for inspiring me to just go for it and have faith. To find that desire, to work on my own goals and not get discouraged after a setback like a website crashing. It’s just a website ;). After all, the best thing to do when you fall, is to simply get back on your feet and keep walking.




5 basic principles to work your way around the world

140825 wereldbolIt’s been a year since I left my home and started traveling. I cannot believe time goes by so fast. I still remember the day I texted my mom about that crazy idea to move to Bali for six months. And maybe I’d stay. She phoned me in total panic. Perhaps I shouldn’t have brought it like that (sorry mom) ;-).

During the last 2 months of my travels – which lasted seven months instead of six – I nearly panicked myself. The idea of going back home, back to that wretched, small-minded, eternally complaining country was horrific! Until I realized the answer is pretty simple: just keep traveling. Whether it’s for months in a row, of shorter trips with a homebase in my own country. It’s just a matter of putting your mind to it, and coming up with a way to make it happen. And so here I am. A new website, a new idea, ready to get launched and make my dreams come true.

Traveling helps us to grow and understand each other

I strongly believe that we, as individuals, can grow into even more beautiful human beings when we interact with each other and learn from one another. By traveling we learn to interact with completely different worlds that may not make sense, but will undoubtedly have some aspects to them that may inspire us. We learn to become more understanding of others rather than judging them.

Traveling opens us up. It softens our hearts, strengthens our spirit. I hope to inspire many of you to travel more and discover what the world has in store for us. Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and you will find that you will become even better at what you do, or you’ll find that one thing you’re really passionate about.

Five basic principles to work your way around the world

With this blog I’d like to help you make your traveling dreams come true as well. I focus on the following five basic principles:

  • Mind: the right mindset to make it happen
  • Practical: tips that will help you on the way
  • Tech: good wifi that enables you to work
  • Body: healthy nutrition to sustain a working day
  • Relaxing: proper places to relax and reboot

Most articles will be related to one of these basics, other articles will be about my life in general (cuz yeah, I just love to put my thoughts in writing ^_^).

Thanks for following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And pretty please share my articles with your friends! Thank you thank you thank you ^_^